1702 Wayne Avenue, South Pasadena 

4 Beds 
3 Baths 
Assessor: 2472 sf 
Measured 5/21:  House 2347sf , Studio 173sf , total 2520sf 
 Assessor: 7,448 sf  
Built: 1913





1.  Entire house painted inside and out by EPA-RRP certified painter.  Included replacing damaged shingles and repairing weathered rafter tails


2.  Floors in bedrooms, bath, hall, stairs and upstairs room repaired and refinished


3.  New period appropriate linoleum installed in kitchen, breakfast room and laundry


4.  House bolted to foundation. Shear panels installed.


5.  Rodent/bird proofing screens installed under house, in 2 attics and in garage attic


6.  Bricks around porch and on posts repointed and/or replaced as needed


7.  New landscaping, including new sprinkler and drip systems


8.  Windows between downstairs bath and laundry room replaced.  All windows in kitchen removed and new sash weights and cords installed.  Sliding windows in breakfast room refurbished.


9.  New door between laundry room and breakfast room


10.  New dual pane skylight in stairwell installed


11.  Banister in stairwell refinished


12.  All new custom window screens installed (screens are stored in the garage) 


13.  All new rain gutters installed


14.  Garbage disposal replaced


15.  New overhead light fixtures installed


16.  New kitchen faucet installed


17.  House toilets replaced


18. New insulated ducting installed


19. New kitchenette cupboard and butcher-block counter and bathroom sink installed in studio


20.  Most brass window latches in upstairs room repaired or replaced


21.  New window type A/C w/ remote installed in studio


22.  Removed window A/C from dining room window and re-installed original casement window found in cellar. 


23.  Fireplace cap installed




24.  Copper water pipes installed throughout


25.  New upstairs shower fixtures installed




26.  Burglar alarm installed (requires contract)


27.  New 200A electrical service and full wiring installed with partial under grounding




28.  New Lennox High Efficiency Furnace and 4-Ton air conditioner installed for downstairs


29.  New Bosch dishwasher installed


30.  Cast iron sink in laundry room re-porcelainized




31.  Dining room mahogany hutch/buffet and other woodwork stripped and refinished


32.  Most mahogany downstairs doors stripped and refinished


33.  Swinging door between dining room and kitchen stripped, refinished and refurbished


34.  Floors in living room, dining room and library hand sanded and finish coat applied


35.  Sliding dining room pocket doors repaired


36.  Existing brass hinges on most downstairs doors polished and lacquered


37.  Existing  brass window latches in library  polished  and lacquered


38.  Parts of sewer lines replaced over the years 


39.  Medicine cabinet in upstairs bathroom refurbished and mirror replaced


40.  New Rheem 40- gallon water heater installed


41.  New Owens Corning roof with 10-year one time transferable warranty installed


42.  New laundry room faucet installed


43.  New lights in garage installed


44.  New hall closet light installed




45.  Upstairs ducted Mitsubishi split-system 14000 BTU A/C and heater unit installed




46.  New on demand water heater installed for studio




47.  New garage door installed


48.  New Toto toilet in studio

1702 Wayne Ave 002-mls.jpg